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    What's up guys? I'm Eamon in SF, looking to check out some of your rides. Trying to figure out: your schedule just has meetings on it and your rides are in your forums, right? Are the scheduled meetings public? Not seeing any rides in the forums in the near future but looks like my work schedule lines up with your SF meetings starting 4/04. Might be able to make the 3/13,20 Santa Cruz meetings, but only if it's public. Let me know.


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    Meetings have an open to the public session which guests are welcome to attend. After the open session non members must leave, and a members only session occurs.
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      Dampend Spitits is this weekend and I'll be leading a ride from S.F. to S.C. Check the forum.


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        Welcome Eamon! Meeting are definitely public, feel free to come to any, and Santa Cruz chapter has a ride this Saturday, a scavenger hunt ride, one of my favorites of the year. The SF chapter will come down to the ride too, feel free to tag along, we always provide free rides!

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          got it guys. Thanks for the info. I'll definitely try to make it