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Thanks for the help thursday night

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  • Thanks for the help thursday night

    I let Jon borrow my bike for a short trip Thursday night after the meeting, which resulted in a flat rear tire. Since my KTM uses tubes in the tires, the proper solution was to simply replace the tube.

    Calling around I found that Donati was the only place with a tube that would fit right in stock, so we went there to pick it up. Price was reasonable, and we got the tube right away... but they couldn't install it until the afternoon.

    The shop that could replace the tube earliest was Motorcycle Doctor, in the same building as We All Ride. We headed there, and they said they could replace the tube right away. I don't recall exactly what was said, but I provided them with a mounted but flat tire and a new tube. Keith had to run an errand, so we left for a bit. When we got back, they were putting the new tube in. We mentioned that the tire may have been run flat a little bit, and asked them to check for any damage to the tire carcass. In doing so, they found a roughly 1" long 2mm diameter piece of metal sticking through the tire, which had caused the flat. In other words... they were installing the new tube without checking what caused the flat in the first place. While I haven't been there before, because of this I'd advise against having service done there - after all, fixing a flat is a fairly elementary task.

    Big thanks to Keith for letting me crash at his place, letting me borrow tools to pull the wheel, and driving me around to get the flat fixed.
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    ‎@Thatch-you sound just like an old athlete that can't face the fact that his best years are behind him. Josh would crash on the way to your funeral just to take that pin off your corpse.
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    give me some time to get used to not riding a Harley you young whippersnapper and i'll teach you some manners