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  • Hit and run

    Hey fellow riders, be on the lookout for a silver 4door sedan (may be Honda) that has damage on the passenger side doors from my Ducati. This chump turned across my lane last night and broke my shoulder, then fled. Happened at 10pm on soquel Ave by shopper's corner. Me and the cops would like to have a word with them.
    My name is Kevin Neher and I know a few of you guys from pergs, and the sushibar I work at. If you see something, text or call 831 247 7525. Thanks

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    Glad you're ok for the most part, Kevin. Thanks for the heads up. We'll keep an eye out.


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      shoulden update: Driver located through police investigation, eye witness report. Waiting for police report. Shoulder not too painful. Think I may Mad Max the bike.


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        If you need a place to wrench, there is a cooperative motorcycle garage downtown SC called Re-Cycle Garage. PM me for more info