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Default Frame sliders. Yay or nay?

Deciding weather or not to pick up frame sliders for the daytona. I have heard they are great and prevent damage. I have also heard that they can make the bike flip and cause more damage than it would have prevented.
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Too long and they can be prone to breaking whatever they're attached to. Of course, longer keeps you farther off the ground... but I'd rather have rashed bodywork and a frame/engine in good condition than nice bodywork and a motor mount stripped or frame bent.

You also want to make sure they're attached to something sturdy. Some attach to smaller bolts than others, and these are prone to breaking things.
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They work great in tip overs and low speed get offs. As Daniel pointed out, It depends where and how they are mounted. Also some company's like R&G make both a nylon puck style slider the pokes out and a a frame skidder that the bike will slide on. On the Aprilia they go through the frame and mount to the block.

Do some research but they have saved me a small fortune in rashed plastics. I switched from R&G to Motovation the 3rd time I needed a puck replaced. I don't ride without them.
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