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Don't fear the Creeper (Blue Oyster Cult)

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  • Don't fear the Creeper (Blue Oyster Cult)

    Tim in SF (the creeper, LOL) was talking about riding down to see Blue Oyster Cult at the Boardwalk this Friday the 24th. Anyone else going? 3 out of 5 members have beards so that's a good sign:

    Personally, I'm more of a Tubes fan and they are playing the Boardwalk next Friday, July 1st. Who is going to that show? (Also, how creepy is their latest band pic? Looks like they pissed off the lighting guy...)


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    I can't really go tomorrow but I do want to attend one of the shows. Maybe the Tubes. I'll post up when I do.


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        Damm you are old.
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