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'02 DRZ, dirt tires, dirty carb

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  • '02 DRZ, dirt tires, dirty carb

    Fuck it. I'm done cleaning carbs. I never cleaned my fair share. In fact, I can probably count on my two hands the number of times I've cleaned one. Because fuck that. Life is short and there are bikes with fuel injection, so I decided to go get one of those and never look back.

    Anyway, you should ignore the above and buy my DRZ. If you can get off your lazy ass and clean the carb (there's only 1, it's really not that bad) it's a bulletproof setup I've been shredding with a big fucking smile on my face for never-enough miles over the last, idfk... ten years now maybe?

    Still starts with choke on but dies when you take it off, so someeebody gonna have to unbolt the subframe, pull the fucking carb, huff some fumes and clean the main jet, and I don't want it to be me this time. Bring a truck, trailer, borrow my hitch-mount mototote, or just clean the carb real quick go brapping on your merry fucking way for whatever price makes it worth your while to take over its conservatorship ‍♂️

    4-gal enduro tank goes for days. Baja rack carries shit that you probably shouldn't be putting on a dirt bike. Pipes, so they know you're coming. Black plastic and stickers, so people know you're a cool dude. 3 turn signals, if you're into that kind of thing.

    Got a checkup at TokyoMoto in SF last yearish(?) but it's been maintained by me otherwise, so, yeah... maybe do your own inspection.
    Apologies in advance...

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    ...okay fine, I cleaned the damn carb and it runs again. Open to loaning you a hitch lift if you don't fancy riding it home on the highway, but it'll do 80 with current gearing
    Apologies in advance...