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San Jose Dons rides 2020

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  • San Jose Dons rides 2020

    March 21st - ride up to the marin headlands for lunch, bbq some oysters and sausages, should be fun, KSU 9 from the clubhouse (Oyster Run)

    March 22nd - ride through calaveras, end up at the Elks for bike games, food, etc. (Spring Run)

    June 26-28th - Pasadena MC Greenhorn, 500 mile twisty ride down south; date is not finalized.

    August 1st - Another Dam Run, either going to be a regular poker run or an overnighter to Sonora, more details later. (This is the one we really need support in)

    October 3rd-4th - AMA Gypsy Tour, led by us. Ride down highway 1 to Morro Bay, endpoint will be at Morro Rock at 5 PM, where we will meet Pasadena MC meet in the middle style.

    November 14th - Turkey Run. Pack ride, probably going to boring, but ill have a good route set up hopefully.