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Tim Jones was a good Dude!!!

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  • Tim Jones was a good Dude!!!

    I was super impressed with how many members showed up for Tim's Memorial today. Jim, Dave and Dillion it was good talking to you guys. I find myself saying " Hey Tim " whenever I ride by His house. Maybe He can hear Me? who knows. Like I said, I've never been fond of humans but Tim was a good Dude!



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    Thank you for your kind words today. Tell that shit like it is and fuck the Bozos. My kind of man!

    Be well my friend.
    "Through the course of my life, I've spent most of my money on motorcycles, drinking, drugs and chasing wild women. The rest of the money I just wasted."

    I am the chosen one, the mighty hand of vengeance...
    ... sent down to strike the unroadworthy!



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      Tanks you Rotten!! A lesson for all of us. Don't take life to seriously , none of us are making it out alive.


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        It was really great to hear your words, Tim was a very good dude. As helpful and stoic as one could be, without losing touch with the amount of recklessness needed to live life. You don't often find that combination together.
        Keith Seric Maynard


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          Thank you Keith. And well said. I had no idea Tim was sick. I'd of made more time to visit or stayed a wee bit longer when I did. Tim liked his fires in the morning. I'll miss rounding the corner and seeing smoke bellow from His chimney. I use to test ride the 2T's I work/ed on by His house as that would usually make Him pop out and see what was making all that racket? I'll miss hearing and seeing him ride that plated Motard 5hunny.