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  • Aerostitch vs ???

    I am getting back into riding a bit more and there is a certain possibility of commuting to work on my MultiStrada. While I love my Vanson, I am looking into the idea of a one-piece textile suit. Aerostitch is the only name that I am familiar with that. Of course Cycle Gear has their offerings available locally as wel. What is the general opinion of Aerostitch vs Cycle Gear stuff? Is a one-piece or even two piece textile suit worthy of commuting and long distance sport-touring? Does color matter? I am concerned with protection, comfort, temperature, visibility, and durability (in that order). Let me know your thoughts!

    Thanks, and I hope to see you all sooner than later!


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    Cycle Gear is garbage. I know people that have been very happy with these guys as a much cheaper alternative to Aerostich.

    Protection is largely what you create, put this stuff in whatever you are wearing and you are doing better than most.
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      Agreed. Get leather from a HQ brand name. I know riders that went down in an Aerostitch and the shit moved all over and the rider got fucked up. Get a tight fitting set of leathers.


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        There is nothing wrong with textiles as long as they fit right. Areostithes are designed to fit over several layers of clothing so the fit will vary depending on what you are wearing. There are textiles out there with a better abrasion rating than most leathers. Sizing is very important, you want it to slide along the ground, not bunch up, twist and move.


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          The issue of fit can be a problem with anything. Aerostich can move around if it's too loose, yes. So can leather.

          You aren't likely to wear through an Aerostich.

          I'm not a big fan of riding in them, I prefer the feel of leather. It is convenient though.
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            Thank you for the responses. I will never stop preferring leather. But I am looking at a 20 minute commute 2x daily where I envision having a one-piece that fits over my work clothes. The convenience of pulling it on and off will encourage me to wear it rather than my jeans which is what I realistically will choose if I don't get a one piece Textile suit. I will be keeping my eyes open.


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              Keep us posted. I'm in the market for new commute gear. I prefer overpants, but the selection isn't great for style and fit, especially in a 28-30 waist. Any jacket works for me.

              The plus on overpants is that I can step into and out of them without undressing and/or taking off my boots. I can take both a jacket and overpants off while I'm standing next to my bike, stash them in my top case, and show up anywhere I need to be wearing boots and carrying a helmet. I can usually fit a change of shoes in the top case too.

              With this setup I can roll to most anything -- I've even fit a rolled suit jacket and tie into my luggage for a wedding.


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                I also use an overpant and jacket combo.


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                  Originally posted by REDruss View Post
                  I also use an overpant and jacket combo.
                  Cool! What kind and do you like them?


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                    I have a generic joe rocket set that is falling apart I do like them though. My next set will probably be a rev it pair.


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                      I'm a fan of motoport, I think you're a few hours from them if you wanted to get measured in person.
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