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Malaguti 70cc Scooter for sale

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  • Malaguti 70cc Scooter for sale

    I have a clean Malaguti "Ducati Replica" scooter for sale. These are the same scooters that the WSBK Ducati teams used as pit bikes. Very cool and only a couple hundred made. Lots of mods - 70 cc kit, carb, variator, belt, etc but has not been used for about 6-7 years. Stock premix was removed and I just added oil directly to the tank (used on race track a few times) Got to admit that I did not drain the tank or add fuel additive before being made inactive so carb and fuel system needs a good cleaning. Otherwise, everything should be great. please email me if interested. I have to get this out of the garage..Thanks

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    asking price?
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